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Locating Wiretaps and Bugs Without Any Special Equipment

Let's just imagine that someone had access to some of your personal information by bugging your vehicle, home, or office. Can you even begin to imagine the amount of information they would be able to get? In addition to these, you may want to answer these series of questions...

Do certain people know about something you could have sworn was secret?

Do people always tend to know where you are going or went with your car?

Was your home or office burgled into with nothing meaningful taken?

Are you privy to attending top meetings?

Does your phone seem bugged?

Do you have a spouse that has major trust issues?

If you are married, are you going through a divorce?

Do you find it strange how certain people have unexplained access to certain information?

Take a careful look at these questions and answer them honestly. If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, your home, office, or vehicle may have been infiltrated by any bug electronic device. Usually the first thing that comes to mind is buying a counter surveillance equipment over the internet and perform your own electronic bug sweeps. The thing is, there are many products sold that don't do anything. Even when you are able to get good equipment, the next question is, "can you use it effectively?

Little Secret Exposed

Inquire from any honest counter surveillance expert and you would see that they would admit that most of the bug electronic devices are detected with visual inspection, rather than use of these equipment.

While we do not want to negate the usefulness of these equipment, we would however show you how to locate these bug electronic devices in your home, vehicle, or office without the use of any special equipment. The most important thing to even begin with is to know what to look for. After reading this article, undoubtedly, you should be able to sweep through your home, vehicle, or office to see if there are bugs, without using any equipment.

This article will not teach how to install any wiretaps or bug electronic devices. It's important to know that doing that is against the law as it is going against someone's right to privacy. The only thing it'll leave you with is this; if you are suspicious that any law enforcement agency planted an electronic bug on your phone, you can easily get a prepaid cell. After using it for a while - usually a period of a month - you can toss it away.

With law enforcement agencies, there is pretty much a level to what they can do and not do. If they want to tap into your office phone lines, don't even expect them to do it remotely at your office; same applies to a cell phone. Let's be honest with ourselves, if they want to tap into your phone lines they have all the jurisdiction in place to do so. This however doesn't mean you cannot tell when your lines are tapped or bug electronic devices used on you.

So if you want to avoid using a tapped phone line, spend some cash and get a prepaid cell phone. There is absolutely nothing in this article that will help you if you are in such a situation. Don't even bother asking a TSCM expert for such information. They know too well the illegality involved and would not even disclose anything.

Wiretaps, Bugs, and Video Camera

Many people confuse wiretaps with bug electronic devices. Wiretaps are always connected to phone lines and are able to transmit conversations from both ends and can be listened to from another location. These transmitted conversations can be recorded too, if necessary. As far as wiretaps are concerned, a telephone must be involved but microphones may or may not be included to the setup. The conversations are picked up either directly from the lines with the microphone on the device or it could be planted in the telephone itself.

A bug on the other hand is a listening device that is placed in a room or vehicle. One of the major component of the bug is the microphone. A classic example of a bug is a tape recorder. This device has a microphone and can even record conversations. In other words, a bug can record conversations in the room or it can send them to another location through radio frequencies where they can be recorded.

Video camera is often now designed to be small and tiny which allows for better concealing. These color video cameras are even harder to see because the bulk of the camera stays hidden and only the lens is shown through a tiny hole. Some of these cameras can easily be seen while others are so hidden, you would be looking straight at the lens and not recognize it as one.

These video cameras can either be wired or wireless. Even as a wired video camera, its wire can be so well hidden, it would take serious investigation to find it. In the case of a wired camera, there's usually a VCR close by which records all of the happenings in the room. This makes them harder to install because one would have to conceal the wire length and the adjoining recorder.

A wireless video camera is harder to detect or locate. This is because they can be planted in just about anywhere in the room. In the next article, we will continue on how you can detect any of these type of video cameras.

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