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How to Locate Spy Devices in Your Home

Before you put off the idea about spying devices, you should ask yourself how you would know for sure if you're being surveilled or if you're not. With each passing day, there are more and more reasons why people get spied on. Just to highlight just a few, here are some of the reasons you could be surveilled.

  • Your job requires a certain level of sensitivity with information
  • You are the owner of the company.
  • You are privy to attend top, confidential meetings.
  • Your job includes any of the following; police officer, journalist, scientist, politician, government official, attorney, etc.
  • You have a stalker.
  • A spouse that is suspecting you of cheating.
  • You are about to go through with a divorce and your spouse needs access to certain information.
  • A colleague, friend, or neighbour doesn't like you.

While some people may say you are paranoid, it is always best to keep an eye for signs and evidences that someone is indeed spying on your by eavesdropping on your conversations.

In the corporate world, the success of one person to the other is the level of information they are privy to. Pay close attention to colleagues or friends who mistakenly say things you are certain they shouldn't be aware of. Obviously when quizzed, they would shove it off as some random luck guess but this could be a telltale sign you may be spied on. This is even more possible if the nature of your job gives you access to an incredible amount of sensitive information.

Take the searchlight a bit outside the office too. When you see certain news item in the press that you are sure it's yet to be made public, you could have been put under surveillance.

In the case of having a stalker, the stalker most times enjoys it when the victim knows they are being watched. So in a case of having a stalker, the signs are usually more conspicuous than in any other surveillance scenario.

You need to understand that for people to plant gsm spy bug or any other type of listening devices, they have to gain access into your home, vehicle, or office. When your home is burgled, look to see if anything was taken or something out of place. If nothing was taken, especially when their operation was not disturbed, obviously this seems very fishy. Burglars don't burgle homes and offices to help clean the space. Check to see if doors or cabinets that are usually locked are left open. This could give a clue as to if a listening or gsm spy bug was planted.

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How Can an FM Radio Help Find GSM Spy Bugs?

Adjust your radio to a high frequency band and leave it in a silent spot. Walk around the room with the radio and notice any high pitched sound. Once you notice such sounds, you've detected a bugging device. Next thing would be to locate its exact location. To do this, keep moving the radio around until you get the highest pitch. This sound you will be hearing is same that occurs when with speakers. The bugging device transmits signals which are picked up by the FM radio.

You can also use an analogue or digital TV to check. Obviously the TV would have to be small to allow for easy movement around the room. To check for interference, tune the TV to either station 2, 7, 13, 14, 50-60, 66-68.

Searching for Spy Bugs

The best time to do this is when the room is dark which makes nighttime more preferable. Get a mirror and run a torchlight through its surface to look around the room. If there is a spy bug in the room, it would be revealed through the mirror.

Another thing to do would be to keep the place as quiet as could possibly be. This means reduced disturbance from outside traffic too. Also put off all electrical appliances in your home. Stay still and listen carefully to any sound. If you hear any sound, do a comprehensive search for it. Yes, it's possible that the sound is just as innocent as you are but it never hurts to be extra careful.

Look at your electrical fittings like wall sockets. Try checking to see if they have just been disturbed or tampered with. By just shaking it a little, you will be able to tell if it was recently disturbed. If it was, switch of your electrical supply and open the wall socket. Look for bugs if it was planted there. Do same for other suspected electrical fittings around your home or office space.

Try doing physical examination around your home or office. Look for colour discoloration on your wall or furniture. Certain bugs need to be planting in walls or furniture. This does not need much explanation and what you should do especially when you didn't authorize any painting of your walls.

Use torchlight to scan through all furniture in the house to also look for opening or dents in them. You will be amazed the sophistication of modern bugs and how small they are designed. Also check all ornaments around and those that have been taken out of their usual place. Keep all doors locked and take notice of how they feel when they are locked. This will allow you tell when a break in or unauthorized entry is done.

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